If you prefer to combine an educational tour with comfort – a river cruise is exactly what you are looking for! Regardless the number of places you are going to visit during the cruise, you will unpack only once. While slowly sailing along the rivers, lakes, and canals you will get acquainted with unknown places and people, ancient history and architecture, while appreciating amazing natural landscapes of Russia.

In just a few days, you will have the opportunity to visit multiple places at an essential savings since many things are already included in the tour (from meals to entertainment).

We provide a unique opportunity to visit several places of interest while experiencing all the comforts of leisurely unpacking and the ability to enjoy terrific accommodations. You will relax and enjoy a patchwork of impressions while your “floating hotel” is carrying you to an enthralling new world under conditions of comfort and harmony.

Modern motorships possess a wide variety of cabins, comfortable restaurants and bars, deck chairs and even beauty salons. Every day you will get acquainted with a new town and after the tour come back on board the ship to enjoy a delicious dinner. Once having explored all the conveniences of our cruise, you will have an innate desire to make a trip every year. Coming back after the cruise, you will look through a lot of amazing pictures and share your memorable experiences with your friends and relatives.

The Orthodox Cruise Company provides service for 10 motorships, began in 1988 and since that time we have been a consistent leader in the cruise market, following the latest travel trends.

For already 25 years, we have been working hard to make your dreams of exquisite voyage come true and we gauge the success of our efforts by the gratitude and happy faces of those who have already joined us.

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